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Write about the picture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Write about the picture - Essay Example These techniques allowed Kirkland to create entirely new visualizations for his ideas that were true to his artist’s vision His work is divided into these categories: Designed Realism,   Surrealism, Hard Edge Abstraction/Abstractions, Abstract Expressionism  and The Dot Paintings, with the latter ones focusing on depictions of the physical universe beyond earth’s atmosphere (Kirkland Muesum). Kirkland’s unique technique is clearly visible in the â€Å"Conception of Space Mysteries† painting which is designed to evoke the sense of inscrutability, grandeur and awe of the unknown space in the viewer. Kirkland himself was an avid fan of the discoveries of the cosmos and the advancement taking place in space exploration. His paintings try to depict the wonder of the yet unseen space as conceptualized through basic human senses of sight. The Director of the Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, Là ³rà ¡nd Hegyi had this to say about the painter â€Å" in his later work, he developed a visionary art which mystically empathized with the entire universe, gavecosmic universality visual form in explosive images and used panel painting to convey the perpetually changing state of the universe.† (Hegvi, p65) The painting masterfully uses the bold shades of red and purple as the background to convey the awesome power and force of the galaxies, contrasted against lighter, more subtle shades of blue, green and yellow to give the painting depth. By mixing oil and water, Kirkland is also able to provide a textured surface to his painting that provide a different feel to his space era paintings; the surfaces even resemble the rugged surfaces of a moon’s crater to the more imaginative. It can certainly be implied that the painter carefully formed the style of painting that would allow him to project visuals of the space as he conceived them- as something very different

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Tesco Company Pestle Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Tesco Company Pestle Analysis - Essay Example This particular store was operational up to 2010. The brand’s first supermarket was opened in 1956 in Maldon. Tesco underwent organic growth in the 50s and 60s, while also undergoing acquisitions up to its peak ownership of over eight hundred stores. In 1957, the company bought seventy stores off Williamsons, two hundred outlets from Harrow Stores in 1959, two hundred and twelve stores from Irwin’s in 1960, ninety seven from Charles Phillip and in 1968 bought a chain from Victor value. At its inception, it specialized in drinks and food, but diversified into software, internet services, music and movie downloads, telecoms, electronics, and clothing. In 1987, Tesco completed a hostile acquisition of forty supermarkets from the Hillards chain for approximately ?220 million. 2. Pestle Analysis The pestle analysis is a tool that is vital in the comprehension of decline or growth of the market, thus creating better awareness of the direction, potential, and position of the b usiness. The tool is utilized for the measuring business activity in a company. Pest is an acronym for political, Economic, Social, technological, Legislative, and environmental factors (Cadle et al, 2010 p6). These are used for the assessment of the market or unit of organization. The headings used in a Pestle analysis are situational review framework and can be utilized reviewing company ideas, market propositions, direction, position, or strategy. Pestle analysis is an important tool when used in workshop sessions, on top of being quite simple to use. It is also quite useful in sessions that involve brainstorming, as well as for strategic planning, research reports, product development, and market planning. Since this tool is virtually external, it is best completed before the SAWOT analysis, which is more based on internal and quasi external factors (Cadle et al, 2010 p6). The headings in a Pestle analysis give the company a manner in which to examine the external scene surround ing it (Cadle et al, 2010 p6). It is possible to become too involved with internal issues while working in a company that the external issues are relegated in importance. The fact that these issues could have a huge impact on the success of the company makes their status vital. Ignorance of these issues could put the company’s future endeavours in doubt. The headings are as follows: Political This particular section involves the identification of political facets that impact on the organization. These are issues on politics within the company itself, political issues in the organization’s region or base, and political issues on the international and international stage (Williams & Adrian, 2007 p34). In an economy that is increasingly global, political changes affecting a particular country have an effect on legislation and business in other countries as well. The motor industry is one such industry that is affected by political changes in overseas markets. In case moto r car importation restrictions are loosened in a particular country, then countries that deal in motor vehicles will get an opportunity to export more cars into that particular country. It is however essential to realize that these companies will only benefit if they had produced adequate cars for the increase in export orders. Via keeping a close eye on any developments, such companies are able to better anticipate and prepare for these kinds of scenarios. The company can get enormous knock-on effects from these changes, with increased need for more sales team

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Starbucks Marketing Strategy Essay Example for Free

Starbucks Marketing Strategy Essay Starbucks developed an advantage over its competitors by engaging in partnerships with stores such as Safeway, Barnes Noble where they open cafes to serve their coffee and sell their products. They improved their brand awareness by licensing its brand name on different food products such as ice cream and bottled Frapuccinos 2. What were the principal drivers behind Starbucks’ success in the marketplace? What does the Starbucks brand mean to consumers? How have the growth opportunities pursued that Starbuck has pursued affected the value of its brand name? One of the drivers behind Starbucks’ success is their store locations. The company only open stores in centralized cities in highly visible regions. Stores are always spacious with room for customers to hang out and drink their coffee. They also have great merchandise items such as coffee beverages, whole bean coffee by the pound, pastries, sandwiches, etc†¦ A big part is Starbucks’ success is their employees. Their baristas are trained to customize each drink and to explain the origin of different coffees. There are treated like partners, and trained to provide the best customer service and to deal with customer complains on the spot. The Starbucks brand means consistency and predictability to consumers. It is a promise to great coffee and great experience. Starbucks’ extensive product line strategy of creating a variety of products beyond just coffee beans was a big growth opportunity, as well as their partnerships that allowed them to expand their brand by selling ready to drink coffee, flavored ice cream and branded coffee now in supermarkets. They also have joint venture agreements in 15 countries. 3. What are the major challenges facing Starbucks as it goes global? Is the brand advantage sustainable going forward? Can Starbucks defend its position against other specialty coffee retailers? Competition is always a challenge when expanding a business overseas, as well as their lack of experience in the international market. Global expansion also means being operated by local partners and therefore making less money. However, I do believe their brand is sustainable. Starbucks is the market pioneer, which gives them major advantage against their competitors. To defend their position, Starbucks should never impose their western preferences in their international markets and continue to adapt their products to the local markets.

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photography after 1917 :: essays research papers

Analysis of a photography after 1917. AUBREY BODINE. â€Å"BUILDERS IN LINE†. (1961) Aubrey Bodine's photographic career began in 1923 when as an office boy with the Baltimore Sun he was a newspaperman covering all sorts of stories with his camera so this gave him opportunities to travel throughout the region and learn about it in every tide, wind, weather and season and out of this experience came amazing pictures of farming, oystering, hunting, soap boiling, blacksmithing, clock making, bricklaying and dozens of other occupations he a true American original, combined reportage with the creative eye of an artist. Bodine believed that photography could be a creative discipline, and he studied the principles of art, the camera and the dark room equipment were tools to him like the painter's brush or the sculptor's chisel. He was always experimenting with his tools, but hardly ever made a mistake. Some of his best pictures were literally composed in the viewfinder of the camera. In other cases he worked on the negative with dyes and intensifiers, pencil marking, and ev en scraping to produce the effect he had in mind. He added clouds photographically, and made other even more elaborate manipulations. Bodine's rationale for all these technical alterations of the natural scene was simply that, like the painter, he worked from the model and selected those features which suited his sense of mood, proportion and design. The picture was the thing, not the manner of arriving at it. He did not take a picture, he made a picture. Bodine's work includes pictorialist images as well as "straight" story-telling photojournalism and are also creative works of great originality. From his photographs I choose the image named â€Å"Builders in Line†, a a perfectly balanced image bathed in natural light. a captured moment of history that intrigue me, amaze me, and makes me want to discover the way he could get such a piece of art. It is a construction or a structure being built and he captured the moment in which two builders are walking trough and even though the image of them is far I can almost see their faces walking so tired like robots just doing their job. This high-gloss, high-contrast print reminds me like a typical day in a builder life. He made an amazing use of light and darkness and that way he balanced the composition between the structure that we can

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P1 Outline the responsibilities of the levels of government in the UK Essay

Government Department Responsibilities Ministry Of defence This department has responsibility for the British Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. This department is regulated by the Secretary of state for defence and three other junior Ministers, specifically the Minister of State for the armed forces, the under-secretary of state for defence and Minster for Veterans. The Ministry of defence’s job is to decide the policies and earning for all three armed services and decide budgets to. Ministry Of Justice From charge to release the ministry of Justice is responsible for the courts, prisons and Probation Services. The Home Office The Home office has a prime responsibility; they are responsible for civilian services such as the passport and Immigration service, drug policies and the Police. Department Of Communities and Local Government This department is responsible for The Uk’s fire and Rescue service. It is regulated by the secretary of state for communities and local Government and Numerous junior Ministers. The departments job is to allocate the local Government with supply’s to fund the Fire and rescue Service. The Department also improves the Rescue national policies and priorities. On the other hand this department is also responsible for local government although it’s non-uniformed it is still a necessary service. Department For Health This department has responsibility for the national Health Service. They are responsible for the Ambulance service to. Independent Police Complaints commission This department deals with complaints within the Police service. There responsibility is to carry out investigations on serious matters. Some of the complaints made might be related to incidents involving death or injury, police corruption, police racism or perverting the course of justice. HM Revenue and Customs This department is responsible for collecting taxes it also has responsibility for the customs and exercise service. Inspectorates and HM inspectorates To ensure the even running of particular public services the government has given this responsibility to the HMI The defence Vetting Agency This agency carries out national security checks its responsible for checking anyone who joins the Armed services, civilians who work with the Ministry of Defence, civilian contractors or any other checks in government departments. Quality Care Commission This department’s responsibility is to make sure all health care and social care including private healthcare in England is met to the quality standards required and that patients are getting the care they expect.

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Information About the Nut-Producing Allegheny Chinkapin

Chinkapin or chinquapin is a small tree found throughout the southeastern United States. It has one nut in a burr that opens into two halves which gives the tree a distinctive chestnut look. Botanists have now condensed the trees grouping of taxa to a single tree, Castanea pumila var. pumila and now consider that the chinkapin is one species comprising two botanical varieties: vars. ozarkensis and pumila. This tree should not be confused with chinquapin oak. The Allegheny chinkapin, also called common chinkapin, may well be the most ignored and undervalued native North American nut tree. It has been widely hailed as a sweet and edible nut and has been of value to its cousin, the American chestnuts breeding programs. It is, however, a small nut encased in a tough bur which makes for difficulties in harvesting the nut. Chinkapin Specifics Scientific name: Castanea pumilaPronunciation: cast-ah-neigha pum-ill-ahCommon name(s): Allegheny chinkapin, common chinquapin, American chinkapinFamily: FagaceaeUSDA hardiness zones: USDA hardiness zones: USDA hardiness zones: 5b through 9AOrigin: native to North America The Special Little Chinkapin Nut The chinkapins fruit is an interesting small, bur covered nut. The bur has sharp spines, 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Often the burs form in clusters on stems but each bur contains a single, shiny brown chestnut-like nut. Nuts are edible and quite sweet when mature in the fall. A horticulturist once remarked, the Allegheny chinkapin makes your mouth water but to see it makes your eyes water, obviously liking both the trees beauty and bounty. Other experts suggest that the tree is well worthy of cultivation as an ornamental shade tree, even if we leave out of the account its rapid growth, productiveness, and delicious little nuts, which will be very acceptable for home use. There are several online sources where you can purchase the tree. General Chinkapin Description Castanea pumila var. pumila can be characterized as a large, spreading, smooth-barked multistemmed shrub, 10 to 15 feet tall, or as a small tree occasionally single stemmed and 30 to 50 feet tall. Large trees are sometimes found in the landscape, especially where they have been groomed and encouraged to grow and where there are few competing trees. Chinkapin Leaf Characteristics Leaf arrangement: alternateLeaf type: simpleLeaf margin: toothedLeaf shape: elliptical; oblongLeaf venation: parallel side veinsLeaf type and persistence: deciduousLeaf blade length: 3 to 6 inchesLeaf color: greenFall color: yellow Chinkapin Nut Harvest The Allegheny chinkapin is normally ready for harvesting in early September in the upper tree hardiness zones and later in the lower portion of the trees natural range. These nuts need to be harvested as soon as they mature. Prompt nut collection is a must as a large wildlife population can remove the entire crop in days. Again, one single brown nut is contained in each spiny green bur. When these burs start to separate and begin changing into a fall yellow color, its time for seed collection. The burs of chinkapin are normally no more than 1.4 to 4.6 cm in diameter and will split into two sections at nut maturity. Pests and Diseases of Chinkapin Chinkapins are fairly susceptible to the Phytophthora cinnamomi root rotting fungus as are many tree species. The tree can also suffer from the blight of the American chestnut. The Allegheny chinkapin seems to be somewhat resistant to the American chestnut blight which is a fungal disease caused by Cryphonectria parasitica. Only a few heavily cankered trees have been found in Georgia and Louisiana. Chinkapins that do blight will continue to sucker and send up shoots from the root collar despite the cankering and will produce fruit. Folklore Legend has it that Captain John Smith recorded the first European record of the chinquapin in 1612. Cpt. Smith writes, The indians have a small fruit growing on little trees, husked like a chestnut, but the fruit most like a very small acorne. This they call Checkinquamins, which they esteem a great daintie. Bottom Line Allegheny chinkapins are prolific producers of sweet, nutty flavored, small chestnuts. They have attractive foliage and flowers, although the odor at blossoming time is considered unpleasant. Horticulturist Michael Dirr says Allegheny chinkapin, has entered my plant life since moving south and makes, as I have seen it, a small shrub that could be used for naturalizing and providing food for wildlife. The great drawback of Allegheny chinkapin is its small nut size and the added disadvantage that many nuts stick fast in the bur at harvest and have to be removed by force. Because these nuts are small, are difficult to harvest and can germinate before harvest time, they have limited potential as a commercial crop. Good news is that the trees small size, precocity, and heavy production may be useful characteristics to breed into the commercial chestnut species. The chinkapin is adapted to a wide range of soils and site conditions and should be considered for its wildlife value. The nuts are eaten by a number of small mammals such as squirrels, rabbits, deermice, and chipmunks. By cutting the stem at the ground surface, dense thickets can be established within a few years to provide food and cover for wildlife, especially grouse, bobwhite, and wild turkey.

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Police Brutality A Black Man s World - 1005 Words

In the world today the color of your skin implies more than we might suggest. The topic that I have chosen to analyze is Police Brutality. Police brutality is often affiliated with racial profiling. It is frequently said that we live in a â€Å"white man’s world† yet the white race is by account not the only race in America. Recently, the death by police rate has immensely expanded. African Americans are the number one victims in Police Brutality. Police uniforms are utilized to speak power, yet they misuse their authority by utilizing self-preservation to conceal their homicides. In 2015 alone there has been over 300 murders by policemen. At least 33% of the individuals were unarmed. African Americans just happen to be 3 times more likely to be killed by police than whites. In fact, 17 of the 100 largest cities in the United States are where black men were killed at higher rates that the United States murder rate in 2014. Majority of the time blacks are suspected of violent crimes or being armed with guns or other weapons. In such cases police have a better chance of being acquitted of all charges rather face any jail time. Take these cases for instance; Jeremy McDole, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland and Eric Garner. Jeremy McDole, 28, of Delaware, was fatally shot and killed by police. McDole was paralyzed from the waist down, and authorities said that he was attempting to flee and refused to drop his gun. â€Å"No weapon is visible on or near him, the police opened fire and McDoleShow MoreRelatedPolice Brutality Essay989 Words   |  4 PagesPolice Brutality against African American people has begun to take a toll on our communities. African American communities cannot even trust the police, because of the way they are being treated unfairly by a police officers of them distract or their state. Which is why the police are being coming more advanced in technology, but still fail to use their powers as an officer correctly. This cause the police officers are using misconduct against African American people when confronted by them. ThisRead MoreIn Our Society, There Has Been Several Issues But One Of1213 W ords   |  5 PagesAfrican American community. Police Brutality is a major problem that many African Americans fear dealing with racial divides but some believe minorities cause higher crime rates. In the dictionary of law, Police brutality, is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. Many Americans have gone through many situations where they were excessively force by the police. But few American’s were racial profiled, discriminated, or beat brutality for no appointed reasonRead MoreEffects Of Racial Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird1526 Words   |  7 Pagescolor of their skin or when you think different races exist in the world. Racial discrimination comes in two different forms extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic is when you believe that a certain race is bad. Intrinsic racism is when you have a specific hatred towards a certain race. To Kill a Mockingbird, a novel that shows many forms of racial discrimination that wa s written b y Harper Lee in the 1960’s. In To Kill a Mockingbird, a black male named Tom Robinson is accused of raping a white woman namedRead MoreEssay On Police Brutality1076 Words   |  5 PagesPolice Brutality has been a problem since the early 1900’s, the problem majorly struck when Michael Brown was shot in 2014, this caused nationwide protest. â€Å"Activists blocked intersections, riot police arrived in armored vehicles and about 200 demonstrators were arrested† (The Washington Post). Organizations have been around to stop police brutality of African Americans, like the Black Panthers in 1966, who wanted freedom of African Americans and to stop all these problems that were occurring. TheirRead MoreThe Problem Of Police Brutality1646 Words   |  7 Pages One of the biggest problems that plague America is police brutality. The job of the police is to protect the community they’re assigned to work in, from any illegal activity that occurs. However, there are officers who believe they are above the law. Police brutality has been a political oppression that has been occurring more many years. There’s been many cases of excessive force towards innocent civilians by an officer that has sparked a national outrage. Stephan Lendman of Media with ConscienceRead MoreHow Can I Prevent The Police From Abusing Certain Citizens Based On Race Case Study1048 Words   |  5 PagesDriving Question: How can I prevent the police from abusing certain citizens based on race? An 18-year-old African-American man was going to the bank, trying to renew his credit card. All of a sudden a man in black ran out of the bank asking him to bring the money to the car, that’s when he knew it was a robbery. The alarm when off and police sirens approached. The 20-year-old refused to help him so the man in black drove off. The police arrived, saw the young man, and arrested him. Yes, it was an arrestRead MorePolice Brutality And The Police Essay940 Words   |  4 Pages Police brutality refers to the use of excessive force against a civilian. The controversies that surround the topic of police brutality relate to different definitions and expectations over what is meant by excessive force. Indeed, police officers are expressly authorized to use necessary, reasonable force to perform their duties. As Jerome Skolnick, an influential police scholar in the United States, underscores: â€Å"as long as members of society do not comply with the law and resist the police, forceRead MorePolice Brutality And The Civil Rights Movement1738 Words   |  7 PagesWhile combating police brutality everyday, what really does matter? Despite, the increased attention and actions to remedy police brutality, police brutality is still a prevalent issue in today’s American society. It has sent critics on both sides of the issue into their corners, as no one really seems to have the answer. Maybe, the reason why police brutality has been so troublesome to alter is because the people trying to alter it are only targeting only the symptoms instead of the infection itselfRead MoreRacism Is A Big Problem1249 Words   |  5 Pagesjail or police can get fired for harming innocent people. What do white cops have against black men? I think that white cops don t like black men because they think that black men are suspicious. Yet, it could be possible that these officers are not taking the time to do their jobs correctly. Cops behavior towards black men White cops behavior towards black men is similar to police brutality. (â€Å"Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary lawful police purpose†)Read MoreCrime And Justice : America Has Gone Downhill Essay1018 Words   |  5 PagesJonathan S. Gurrola Mrs. Tibbett Civics 25 August 2016 Crime and Justice Throughout the years, America has gone downhill. The United States of America has faced many hindrances, and it was a struggle to face these problems. A problem that America faces is the political view on crime and justice. America can’t seem to fix this issue, and the Republican party will fix this. â€Å"Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever